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LED Aquarium Light - Slim Design

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1.Upgrade LED and Super bright: Full-spectrum white light with more than 88% high color rednering "HCRI" and can render any object closest to the natural color. Super safe LEDs for fish tank plants and fishes.
2.Aplication: Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fish-only and low-high light level aquarium plants recommended for use over glass or acrylic canopy-covered aquariums
3.Professionally designed: 1.35m Cable length, Made of the high luminance 5730 LEDs, professionally designed for aquarium plant cultivation and fish,frog,turtle,chichlids.
4.Extendable Brackets:  Adjustable metal brackets to fit tank length from 7 inches to 23  inches and glass less than 0.3 inch thickness.
5.Energy-saving LEDs: Low voltage output, safe and reliable.LED lights are more energy-efficient than fluorescent bulbs and will save your money and last up to 20,000 hours.

1. Voltage: 90-260V/50-60Hz(fit for worldwide)
2. Power: 8W/ 12w/ 16w/ 20/ 24W
3. Light Color: Blue+White,White,3 Modes(Blue+Red,Blue+White,White+Blue+Red)
4. Material: PVC & Stainless Steel
5. Led model: 5730

Model Lamp Length(+Extensible Bracket)  Recommended Tank Length
SZD-B20 7.0+5.1in 7.4-12.2in
SZD-B30 11.0+5.1in 11.4-16.1in
SZD-B40 14.9+5.1in 15.3-20.0in
SZD-B50 18.8+5.1in 19.2-24.0in
SZD-B60 22.8+5.1in 23.2-27.9in
1. We may send you a plug adapter(EU, US, AU, UK,etc) according to your country . If you need another type, please leave a message after ordering or contact us directly.
2. Please do not put the lamp into the water.