Hi I'm Damon, the owner behind SEVEN MASTER, an aquarium brand that is based out of China and operated by my team. I've been loving keeping an aquarium since I was a little boy.After leaving colleague in 2013,i decided to start my career by my true aquatic hobby.In 2016,i came back to my hometown Zhongshan City,which is the production base of aquatic products,and i started to developed my aquatic brand with my other 6 aquatic hobbyists,that when SEVEN MASTER was born!
    Keeping an aquarium is relaxing and fascinating,SEVEN MASTER is here to support you in this new endeavor! We stock thousands of aquatic products such as aquarium light, air pumps, water pumps, CO2 Supplies,protein skimmers, aquarium filters, aquarium heaters, and much more fish tank supplies.Whether you are a seasoned fish keeper or a first-time aquarium owner, you will love using our products as you start or maintain your ideal underwater world.
     Thank you so much for stopping by and reading just a little bit about us.We hope you enjoy our products as much we enjoy offering them to you. 
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