air bubble light
air bubble light
air bubble light
air bubble light
air bubble light
air bubble light


Led Aquarium Light - Air Bubble

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1. Better Resist Water: IP68 waterproof grade, our bubble light is suitable for using in your fish tank or damp environments and works well, provides you with a amazing underwater effect.
2. Mini Design: The aquarium bubbler helps to keep stable at the bottom of the tank, which maximizes the outlet area of the gas stone, makes more micro bubbles to your tanks and aquariums.
3. Colorful Lights: This air stones lamp capable to create a colorful underwater effect by slow flashing, make the fish tank more beautiful and keeps your fish lively at all times.
4. Bottom Suction: Equipped with a suction cup at the bottom of aquarium bubble lamp, the bubble light can greatly attach to the bottom of your aquariums, avoiding it disturbing your fishes.
5. Bubbler Function: Has the built-in gas stone, the air bubble light connects with the air tube and air pump(not included), easy to add oxygenation to the water, makes your fishes more healthy.
1. Voltage: 90-260V/50-60Hz(fit for worldwide)
2. Power: 1W
3. Light Color: color change automatically
4. Material: ABS
1. Since this prouct is USB power supply,the charger is not included
2. Please do not dismantle the lamp,which will have effect on waterpoof performance.